Welcome to Firstar International Group, Ltd

Firstar is an American corporation, founded in 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia. USA, by the Former Governor of Florida,Mr.Wayne Mixson,Mr. E. Lamar Bailey and Mr. Muhsin Al-Hashimi.

Firstar is registered and operating in the USA and several other countries.

Our portfolio is actively enhanced with development and participating Projects. During the last years, Firstar’s executives traveled and negotiated to Implement over 85 major projects across the globe such as Hospitals, Airports, Refineries, Power Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Affordable Housing, Railroads and Roads Infrastructure Construction.

To be able to strike quickly when opportunity knocks, Firstar has established regional and affiliated offices in more than 30 countries. Our networks and market knowledge enable us to see opportunities from a unique perspective.

Among entities that we are teaming up and co-operating with are US, Canadian, European, Brazilian, Chinese State and Private Contractors, Indian and some major Middle Eastern.

We would make full use of the group’s advantages in channel resources, innovate cooperation modes, construct platform for achieving win-win development. We pride ourselves on being able to see market gaps as opportunities to create added value through our business model.

Over the past decade, Firstar has expanded into new business opportunities in the Gulf States Region, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine as well as in the emerged post-soviet republics.

Knowledge and collaboration are keys to Firstar’s way of doing business. We are afforded a unique perspective with which to quickly and accurately forecast and recognize opportunities. These insights are provided to our clients and form the basis for our top priority; total client satisfaction.

Firstar retains an extensive network of professional advisors, from legal to structural to cultural. We believe that.

 “Superior project execution demands superior leadership.”

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