Firstar is an American company, founded in 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia by the Former Governor of Florida, Mr. Wayne Mixson, Mr. E. Lamar Bailey and Mr. Muhsin Al-Hashimi. Firstar is registered in the USA, Iraq , Jordan, Lebanon, UAE and operating in many countries around the globe.

In Iraq, Firstar has formed a joint venture with Al-Nafees Co. For General Contracting Ltd, a reputable distinguished contracting company.

Partnering with HA-EM Engineering & Consultancy , has enhanced our infrastructure operations.

Moreover, we assembled a consortium group of international companies, each bringing expertise to perform large projects in the areas.

Our aim is to achieve a quality and timely completion of the contracts undertaken. Our corporate leadership team has more than a combined 100 years of military, government, and private sector experience..

Firstar Group has completed every contract undertaken on various construction projects such as motorways, tunnels, bridges, hydraulic structures, power and various supply projects.

Over the course of the US rebuilding process in Iraq, Firstar Group executed hundreds of contracts and purchase orders supporting the US Army, KBR-Haliburton, PARSONS, BP, ABB and the Iraqi government. Additionally, Firstar was awarded 8 construction projects from the Iraqi government, totaling in excess of $480M

Our success is based on 3 vital elements :

  • American Management
  • Iraqi Workforce
  • Secured Financing
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