Firstar’s Bridge For The World’s Health







Firstar jointly with Kogaz Group,is extending hand

In our quest to contribute to the global efforts in combating the spread and transmission of Corona Virus, Firstar’s team of top doctors are designing Field Hospital, 100 Man Field Isolation, Recovery Facility, and 80 Man Filed Life Support Facility with focus on Isolation and treatment with the following objectives:

A complete “Stand-Alone” Facility to combat the transmission, spread and contamination of the corona virus, and to treat infected persons until full recovery.

A.Rationale (Excerpt from World Health Organization)

“Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.

The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads.

The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes

At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments.

B.Objective of Covid-19 Facility

The transmission of Corona Virus has been identified by WHO through person to person contact or through objects or surfaces previously in contact by Corona Virus carrier or through droplets when a carrier coughs or sneezes. All countries are concerned of the well-being and safety of their citizens because no medicine has yet discovered and proven to kill the virus and treat a person infected with Corona Virus.

While everyone is waiting for the availability of the proper medicine to counter the virus, governments worldwide imposed lockdowns and social distancing to avoid or minimize the spread and transmission of the virus.

  •  Test suspected carriers of the Corona Virus in an ISOLATED Hospital.
  •  ISOLATE persons identified as carriers of the Corona Virus.
  •  Treat infected persons in an ISOLATED and Recovery Facility to avoid contamination of other people.
  •  Accommodate Health Workers and support Staff in an ISOLATED Life Support Facility.
  •  Prepare food, accommodation on individual ISOLATED Cabins and other logistical support for the ISOLATED Field Hospital and Field ISOLATION and Recovery Facility at the ISOLATED Life Support Facility.
  •  Treat all infected persons with Corona Virus with utmost care and attention until fully recovered.
  •  Test all Medical Health Workers and Support Crew at the ISOLATED Field Hospital prior to start of work and after completing their work cycle prior to leaving the Facility.

C.Composition of the Covid-19 Facility

  • 1 unit 18 Isolated Individual Patients’ Room Field Hospital and other hospital facilities
  •  1 unit 100 Man Field Isolation and Recovery Facility
  •  1 unit 80 Man Field Life Support Facility

D.Description and Composition of the Field Hospital

  •  The Field Hospital is designed to maintain a negative pressure with quality air supply on ducts equipped with HEPA FILTERS and exhaust air on ducts equipped with HEPA FILTERS. The negative pressure will prevent corona virus of patients confined in the hospital from migrating outside the hospital and minimizing contamination within the Hospital.
  •  The Field Hospital Staff shall attend to all the patients on the ISOLATION and Recovery Facility.
  •  The Hospital is a stand-alone unit with the following facilities:
    • 1 each Operating Theater
    • 1 each Pre-Operation Room
    • 1 each Post Operation Room
    • 4 each ICU Individual ISOLATED Rooms
    • 1 each Nurse Station
    • 1 each Office for Head Nurse
    • 4 each Emergency Rooms Individual ISOLATED
    • 4 each Patient’s Ward Individual ISOLATED


  • 1 each X-Ray Room
  • 1 each Dark Room
  • 1 each Office for Radiographer
  • 1 each Laboratory
  •  1 each Fire Water Tank with pump and hose cabinets
  •  2 each Guard Houses
  •  1 lot CCTV Cameras
  •  1 lot Perimeter Fence and Perimeter Lights
  •  1 lot Internet Connections
  • 1 lot Telephone System

E.Description and Composition of the 100 Man Field Isolation and Recovery Facility

  •  The Facility is equipped with 100 units of Individual ISOLATED CABINS on negative pressures with HEPA FILTERS on exhaust outlets and fresh air inlets. The negative pressure will prevent migration of the corona virus outside the patient’s cabin and will avoid contamination of the virus to attending Doctors, Nurses and Housekeepers.
  •  Each ISOLATED CABIN has its own Toilet & Bath, equipped with Wi-Fi, Television, Telephone, Refrigerator and Patient’s Oxygen Cylinder.
  •  The Facility is grouped by 4 groups of 10 units of ISOLATED Cabins with covered concrete walkways.
  •  The 100 Man Isolated and Recovery Facility is a stand- alone facility with the following utilities:

100 units Individual ISOLATED Cabins
1 each Nurse Station with 1 each Head Nurse

Crews for the Field Hospital, 100 Man Isolation and Recovery Facility and the 80 Man Life Support Facility.

  •  The accommodation cabins are ISOLATED Individual Cabins with Toilet & Bath with Wi-Fi, Telephone, TV and Refrigerators.
  •  The 80 Man Life Support Facility is a stand-alone facility with the following utilities:
    • 80 units Individual ISOLATED Cabins
    • 1 each Kitchen/Diner capable of preparing meals

for 200 persons per day. Meals will be delivered to the 100 Man Isolation and Recovery Facility and Field Hospital on disposable food packaging. All kitchen utensils will be sterilized daily.

  • 2 each Freezers
  • 2 each Chillers
  • 4 each Dry Food Storage
  • 1 each Generator (Duty)
  • 1 each Generator (Stand-by)
  • 1 each Diesel Tank
  • 1 each Fire Water Tank with pump and fire hose.

F.The hospital will be fully of Furnished with state-of-the-art Medical Equipment



Facilities are intended to be erected away from cities or populated areas to maintain isolation of infected persons with Coronavirus.

  1. Delivery: 30-60 days from order confirmation and payment receipt.
  2. Warranty: The buildings will be covered by a full 12-months
  3. Origin of Goods: China, Turkey, GCC, ECC and other Asian Countries.
  4. Erection per site: Approximately 30 working days from arrival of buildings/goods at site.
  5. Cost: Buildin,List of Furniture, Equipment and Technical Specifications range around 12-15 million USD (depending on location).


















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